The best Escape Rooms that you can find in Barcelona

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Los mejores Escape Room que puedes encontrar en BCN (1)


Escape-room activities continue to grow and Barcelona was one of the first European cities that joined in this trend which consists in enclosing a group of friends or a family inside a room for 60 minutes and challenging them to escape it by putting their investigative skills into practice. With these guidelines in mind, Read full article

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Discover Barcelona’s Christmas markets

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Christmas can be enjoyed in full in all Spanish cities. Barcelona’s residents and visitors know how to make the most of this time of year with the many activities that are taking place in the city.

These magical days are brought to life with the infinite traditional products on sale in the Christmas markets, Read full article

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Autumn tapas in Barcelona

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tapas Barcelona

Autumn is a time of year to come together, to go out and for tapas, and there is plenty of all of that in Barcelona.

Autumn shows itself more and more every day. The days are shorter and the hours of sun are fewer and fewer and although it’s not a time for holidays, Read full article

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The 5 best viewpoints in Barcelona

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There is plenty to see and enjoy in Barcelona. No matter where you look, there is something beautiful in sight because this is a special city with a lot of charm. It’s quite literally a “unique” city and there are plenty of evident reasons to back this statement up. For this reason, what better than visiting some of the city’s best viewpoints to take it all in? Read full article

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Unmissable places to visit in Barcelona

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There is no doubt that Barcelona is a unique city, and it’s not just us who say this but also the hundreds of thousands of tourists who chose this city to spend their holidays in this summer. It is a city with plenty of things to do, more than many other cities, especially activities that do not conform to the traditional things to see and do in Barcelona. Read full article

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Four alternative and original activities to do in Barcelona

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Have you already visited Barcelona’s most emblematic buildings and have found yourself wanting to try something different? Then write these proposals down. The first one is Rooming, one of those escape games which have become so popular in recent years. Through clues and hints, you have to try to escape a room that you can’t get out of. Read full article

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(Español) Cuatro visitas típicas que tienes que hacer en Barcelona

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Se estima que unos cinco millones de personas visitan cada año la Sagrada Familia, dato discutible, porque eso supondría una media de casi 14.000 personas diarias queriendo entrar en el magnífico monumento de Gaudí. Sea como fuere, es una visita que hay que hacer, como también es un bonito gesto contribuir con nuestra entrada a esta obra inacaba que se terminará de erigir gracias a esas contribuciones individuales. Read full article

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Enjoy the best craft beer and learn how to pair it

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We love beer on its own. Fresh, sort of thick, light, dense, dark, blonde… However, it’s also a good idea to combine it with different dishes that make its taste and flavour more prominent. At La Patente they have a large selection of gastronomy courses that includes a craft beer pairing course. With emphasis placed on the “craft” bit, Read full article

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Barcelona, sushi capital of Spain

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There is no question that sushi is the best option for a healthy yet tasty bite to eat. Barcelona is one of Spain’s most succulent gastronomic focal points and its sushi restaurants are some of the best if you’re looking for value for money.

For special occasions, Koy Shunka is an excellent option, one of the most sophisticated restaurants in the Gothic district, Read full article

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Beer worship in Barcelona

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Many beer experts and lovers agree that BierCaB is one of the most interesting beer temples in the city. Different screens inform you of the different beers that are on tap at the moment, with a variety that you will not find anywhere else, since they have up to 30 different taps.

The beers are ideal to enjoy with one of their burgers, Read full article

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