The best Escape Rooms that you can find in Barcelona

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Los mejores Escape Room que puedes encontrar en BCN (1)


Escape-room activities continue to grow and Barcelona was one of the first European cities that joined in this trend which consists in enclosing a group of friends or a family inside a room for 60 minutes and challenging them to escape it by putting their investigative skills into practice. With these guidelines in mind, here are the best Escape Rooms in Barcelona for those who want to enjoy new experiences alongside their loved ones.

Claustrophobia. On Carrer Girona you can find one of the most detailed escape rooms in the city. It has two rooms: “Prisoners and the dungeon” and “The bootleggers”, with bookings only available for 2 to 4 people. The setting in both rooms enjoys attention to detail: the first room presents history of Medieval Europe and the second one is set in 1920s Chicago during Prohibition, the golden era of American mafia.

Horrorbox. The best horror-themed escape room, it has a room inspired in the Ouija game and another in the Saw horror movies. This escape game, located on Passatge de Roura, is of medium difficulty because its rooms generate such fear that it doesn’t allow its participants to concentrate and use their logic or wit to investigate how to escape.

Enigmik. Groups of 2 to 6 people have 60 minutes to escape from a bunker that has a single exit. It presents an interesting start and its development is full of original challenges that can only be overcome with wit, cooperation and good communication between the group. Enigmik is located in a space on street level on Carrer Rosselló.

Proyecto Target. The game begins from the moment you make the booking until you leave its facilities on Carrer Santa Dorotea. Groups can be of 2 to 6 people and its experience takes place throughout five rooms, all of them with real items and tests that challenge each participant. Its plot is a mystery, since Proyecto Target does not reveal its great enigma until the end of the game.

Tolok. Located on Avinguda Rio de Janeiro, you can book this experience for 2 to 5 people. It maintains a high level of difficulty, which is why it’s recommended that its participants have previous experience in these kinds of escape games. The whole game is developed in a perfectly-set stage in a Mayan setting, a room full of symbols, enigmas and well-created and original wild games.



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